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We offer homestays with Nicaraguan families. This is beneficial because you would be completely immersed, speaking Spanish with everyone around you. The price is US$135 for a homestay, or we can help you find a hostel or hotel here in San Juan del Sur during your stay, if you'd prefer.
San Juan del Sur is a good place to learn and study Spanish in Nicaragua in Spanish Corner School, we are an Spanish language School offering online tutoring one to one.
Price for activity depend on student number available but it is possible to organize activities in and out of San Juan del Sur,San Juan del Sur is a good place to learn and study Spanish in Nicaragua in Spanish Corner School activities are not included in the price.
Volunteer Opportunity:
We work closely with Atraves Nicaragua Foundation to provide special opportunities to volunteer with the school's social projects in the community,health, education, nutrition, community development, social justice, and human promotion.
 Taxi Tour:
Its possible organize a round trip to pick you up to the airport or where you want. also we organize trip to the beaches.
                                           Online Payment by PayPal
We are a Nicaraguan Teachers team, who have been teaching Spanish to foreign visitors in Nicaragua for more than 8 years.
Study Spanish in Nicaragua or Online in Spanish Corner School with excellente acommodations and location in San Juan del Sur. we are the only Spanish Language School you can call from United States or Canada, calling our US phone 806 416 4704.
                                                     Spanish Online
Thanks to technology, you no longer have to leave your home to study at a school in Hispano- America, with Spanish teacher. Get started today their with classes, unrestricted schedules, without leaving the comfort of your home or office, without paying high charges. Ideal for the whole family. It's easy to learn, Our Spanish Language School is efficient, high quality, and easy to use. We work with Skype, instant messaging system with voice over anywhere in the world. We use novel and highly stable sound quality and image. You can pay using PayPal, with your PayPal balance, or your debit or credit card. When you have paid via PayPal, please send us the e-mail that PayPal send to your e-mail address when the transaction is completed.
 To start you classes on Skype  just send us an e-mail telling us when you want to start, and talking about your skills in the language. If you have experience with Spanish you must to take a level test, in order to know exactly what is your level and working according to your level. If you have not studied before just tell us and we can adapt the class for a real beginner. You can pay per a number of hours via PayPal. One hour of classes On-line is not different price than classes in Nicaragua. 
Spanish Lessons:
We have different options of Study packets :
1- lessons per 20 hours - 125 U$ during 5 days 4 hours everyday
2- lessons per 15 hours - 100 U$ during 5 days 3 hours everyday
3- lessons per 12 hours - 90 U$ during 4 days 3 hours everyday
4- lessons per 10 hours - 80 U$ during 5 days 2 hours everyday
5- lesson per 1 hour - 9 U$
6-price per month is U$ 700 includes four weeks of class 20 hours each week and stay 30 days
Also all packages include material unless the student pays only 1 hour, wifi free for all student, coffe, these services are incluedes in all Study packets.
Also we have Spanish Lessons Online if you need more information you can see our website:  or call us 1-806-416-4704

About us

Who we are.....

We are located in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua 140 km from the capital Managua San Juan del Sur is a beautiful tourist port in the south of the country that offers its visitors a great tourist options, including Spanish lessons today we live in a globalized world must be known to communicate with people of different nationalities. that is why as English as Spanish in our continent has become a very important tool for Americans as well as for Latin American; Nicaragua has the best security in Central America I mean we are the country with the smallest crime rate in the region.
We have over 8 years of experience, We offer study material, coffee to be relaxed while taking your Spanish lesson, Wifi 100% free for our students, flexible hours, great location we are in the main street of San Juan del Sur less than 3 minutes walking from the beach. It's time to learn and study Spanish language now in San Juan del Sur
San Juan del Sur is a good place to learn and study Spanish in Nicaragua in Spanish Corner School, we are an Spanish language School offering online tutoring one to one.activitiesare not included in the price.

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Study Spanish in Nicaragua - Classified Ad

Study Spanish in Nicaragua - Classified Ad
Study Spanish in Nicaragua, San Juan del Sur at Spanish Corner School we are watiting for you. we have an excellent locaation, teachers, also we offer different services for more information check our website


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