Thursday, October 30, 2014

We are located in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua 140 km from the capital Managua San Juan del Sur is a beautiful tourist port in the south of the country that offers its visitors a great tourist options, including Spanish lessons today we live in a globalized world must be known to communicate with people of different nationalities. that is why as English as Spanish in our continent has become a very important tool for Americans as well as for Latin American; Nicaragua has the best security in Central America I mean we are the country with the smallest crime rate in the region.
We have over 8 years of experience, We offer study material, coffee to be relaxed while taking your Spanish lesson, Wifi 100% free for our students, flexible hours, great location we are in the main street of San Juan del Sur less than 3 minutes walking from the beach

also we offer lesson online by Skype 
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Address in San Juan del Sur: from the park one block to the west
Skype: christian030680 
Telephones: 00-(505) 83636007 Cell phone // 00-(505) 25682238 Land Telephone
US Phone: (1) 806-416-4704